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Funeral announcement - Gordon Edwards Senior - Bailiff
Published: 3rd October 2017

This message is to let everyone know that would like to attend the funeral for Gordon Edwards. The funeral will be held on Wednesday 18th October at Pitsea Crematorium at 12.00 midday. ALL are welcome to pay their respects. Then afterwards at 13.00the wake will beheld at the Shell Club, again ALL are welcome to attend.

Gordon Edwards Senior - Bailiff
Published: 22nd September 2017

It is with great regret that the committee have to inform our members and day tickets who knew Gordon as one of our most popular bailiffs that sadly he has passed away today after battling a long illness. Gordon was a bailiff at the Warren for many years and was always ready with advice and encouragement for all those who fish the Warren. He will be sadly missed. We give our condolences to Gordon's family.

Published: 22nd May 2017

To all members,
We need to increase the enforcement of the rules regarding the spread of KHV. The weather is now warming up and if reports in the newspapers are correct it is likely to heat up considerably over the next few weeks. Reports from other fisheries are already appearing regarding extensive fish kills. Warm weather is particularly bad red news regarding KHV.
Therefore, the Warren fishery must insist without question that EVERY TIME you visit the fishery YOU MUST dip your landing nets, keep nets. Slings and cradles. It is also important that we keep an eye on day tickets to ensure they also adhere to the rules because they are more likely to have fished elsewhere where KHV might be present. I would also encourage everyone to dry these items out before fishing again as this also helps prevent the spread of the virus. Keep nets can only be used in matches under strict scrutiny at all other times fish must be return without retention.
Because the Warren Fishery views that ANYONE especially members regardless of position, time served or any other importance the member will face a LIFE ban from ever fishing the Warren again if caught breaking these rules. One slip up and we could lose all our stock. From now on the bailiffs will be monitoring the dipping of nets and will report anyone not adhering to the committee. There will also be control on entrance to the fishery when necessary.
REMEMBER – Just because the last place you fished was the Warren is NOT an excuse to NOT dip your fish handling equipment and will not be seen as an excuse!!
The Committee

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Changes to Guest tickets on the Main Lake
Published: 18th August 2017

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