The Warren fishery is open to members and season ticket holders only due to a potential outbreak of Koi Herpes Virus in the local area; this measure is short  term and the lake will re-open to day tickets once the risk to the warren has been established. Preventative measures against KHV have been put in place. the warren fishery stock is not exhibiting any signs of infection at this time. Please visit our facebook page for details of the rules around net-dips etc.

The Warren Fishery comprises of three very different lakes which can be fished on a day ticket, season ticket, or as a member. We also have a fourth lake for members and season ticket holders only.

The complex is based on mature ex-gravel workings, so the banks are firm and generally well-drained, providing easy access for all. We also have specific swims prioritised for wheelchair-bound anglers – with parking right behind the swim in some cases.

We’re working hard to improve the fishery, both in terms of fish stocks and the general environment. For instance, we have a fish stocking programme, and we also have a planting programme for trees, water plants, etc. Our aim is to provide a fishery where it’s ‘nice to be’ even if we don’t catch every trip.

Why not come and visit the fishery? We welcome new anglers and there’s always someone around to talk to. There are signs to point you in the right direction, and we even have a sign to tell you which bailiff is on duty. You might be pleasantly surprised……

We have plenty of car parking, and toilet facilities on site.

The Warren Fishery is run by Anglers for Anglers. We are a not for profit organisation, with every penny going back into the fishery. The entire Management of the Fishery is carried out by volunteers, only the 3 Bailiffs are paid employees.